Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How to Write A Progect For Awesome Proposal

Step one: Identify the problem that you want to fix.
Step two: Figure out how to help fix it.
Step three: Figure out a time frame and finite goals.
Step four: Figure out the supplies you will need.
Step five: Figure out your budget, and if supplies cost is greater than budget either reevaluate the scope of the project, or figure out a way to get supplies cheaper or how to increase the money avalable for the budget.
Step Six: Impliment it.

Decreasing World Suck

Written by Mommy:
World Suck is a term coined by the John and Hank Green who are brothers and have this awesome thing going on on youtube (you should watch it)
World Suck is the cumultive bad in the world, and the best thing you can do in your life is to work to decrease it.
Written by Me:
A little suck is when your ice cream falls off your cone, its bad but it just makes you sad for a while. A big suck is when you are slowly dieing because all the water you have to drink makes you sick.
All of that big and little sucks added up are World Suck.
Written by Mommy:
So we are going to try (hopefully this will be a yearly part of homeschooling) to have a spring/summer Progect For Awesome. The Girl will identify a problem, come up with a way to help fix it, and then we will do that.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Written by Mommy:

Today (and for the last severals days) I have been watching videos from the Green Brothers.
John Green is an author and his brother Hank Green is an environmentalist, a musician and a writer.
Both these guys are wonderful, they are silly, and fun, and geeky and open, and thoughtful, and passionate, and inspiring. They call there fans nerdfighters (who are like freedom fighters only rather than focusing narrowly  on freedom they focus on um everything really. nerds are people who often don't fit in so well and tend to be overly passionate about the things they care about and they want to create a committee that is welcoming to everyone and works to fix things that are wrong in the world, including but not limited to lack of freedom.) And so John Green was explaining the (then current) problems that the publishing industry was facing and asking some tough questions for people to discuss on there forums about, if anything, should be done about it, and he did so with a sock puppet and a black Santa figurine (which feature symbolically in his book Paper Towns) and not long after that Hank has a conversation with a sock puppet and The Boy said "I saw a sock that talked." and it struck me as a, bizarrely, Robert Frost like phrase so we read some Frost poems and we talked about how he made the mundane into the major where at first he was talking about taking a walk but by the end of the poem you realize he is talking about making life choices and so The Girl then wrote the following poem.  (Sorry the picture is sideways Blogger is being silly)

I saw a sock
that sock could talk
the sock talks about John Green
Somethings he has seen
The sock will dance and sing
The sock wears string
It helps to stop world suck
don't forget to be awesome

 The Girl wrote first about the mundane, a sock puppet in youtube video. but then she moved it (albet a bit more literally and less metaphorically) into the major about trying to make the world a better place. I don't think its half bad. More on World Suck and not forgetting to be awesome later when we talk about the project we will be starting soon.